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Robottery 101 

Game Director | Lead Designer | Lead Artist.

Oct 2016 - January 2018

​Robottery 101 is a successfully Kickstarted 
4-player, set collection card game about building giant robots in space to dazzle your anime professors at the Robot Science Fair!
Robottery 101 began as a school project at the University of Southern California. After it's completion, the team spent the next several months polishing the game and its design in preparation for Kickstarter. This included marketing, and leading a social media campaign. Our biggest goal throughout the entire process was to maintain the childlike wonder and excitement of building a giant robot, with the collaborative crunchtime fun of a big school project.
On the team, my responsibilities included:
  • Working with my team to raise $5,200 on Kickstarter  (175% funded) with 105 backers through marketing and outreach.

  • Directing a team of 4 in spearheading the design of systems and mechanics in a tabletop game project from initial concept to fulfillment.  

  • Maintaining player experience goals through an evolving project via playtesting, iteration, and design.

  • Digitally painting and iterated 50+ unique art assets for a polished, commercially released product.  

How to Play video here
Website: here
Click the gallery below to see  iteration changes, design presentations, and detailed cards


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