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Stepstone Island


September 2017 - June 2018

Available for for free on the Apple App store here!
Official Indiecade @ E3 2018 Selection
Stepstone Island is a mobile fitness game for iPhone where players clean and restore Stepstone Island through exercise. The app takes real health data from the Apple Health app, and converts players' step count into currency they can use in the game. This currency can be used to clean trash, plant trees, build landmarks, and create an a personal island space unique to each player. The more beautiful and clean your island is, the more likely other characters will come and visit you to appreciate all of your hard work!
Stepstone Island was the MFA Thesis project of Katie Pustolski. I worked as a designer on the project in a total team of 6 people. My contributions included:
  •  Working with other designers to create intuitive interaction systems for the mobile platform,
  • Designing  experience that meshed fitness encouragement with an inviting, friendly atmosphere.
  • Creating profiles, and dialogue for characters that populate the game world. 
  • Interpreting playtest data and used spreadsheets to balance game pacing and object pricing
  • Showcasing and pitching the game at E3 2018 to over 100+ attendees. 
Lead Designer / Developer: Katie Pustolski
Artist: Steven Sugar
Designer: Sam Celeste
Sound Designer: Tom Devereaux 
Composer: Sarah Trevino




Click the gallery below to see some of the development work from Stepstone Island!

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