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Arctic Artists

Co-Creator| Programmer | Animator | Designer 

24 Hour Game Jam - September 2017

Arctic Artists is a 4-player game made in Unity about little seals that roll around and paint to change color. Seals must mix paints to create the color that the magic gem in the middle wants them to become, and whoever fails to become that color before the time runs out, is eliminated from the game.


Arctic Artists was created by a team of 5 for the MEGA Newbies & Vets 24 hour game jam. With a theme of "color", we created a quick, charming party game about seals painting and changing color.  


Along with the collective work of designing, initial ideation, my primary responsibilities were :

  • Programming the color mixing mechanic

  • Creating the art and animations for the seals


We wanted to make something bright, colorful, intuitive, and immediately fun!


Winning the award of "Most Polished" and the hearts of judges and players alike, Arctic Artists can be downloaded and played for free at 


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