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Artist + Animator| USC MFA Thesis Project

Sep 2016 - May 2017

duOS is a multiplayer game in which you play by yourself. You control two different characters at the same time, but you can record the actions of one character, play them back, and interact with the played-back actions with the other character.


Both robots must coordinate with each other with this recording mechanic in order to solve puzzles, evade cooky villains, and escape a mysterious factory filled with other charming robot characters. 

I worked on the art team with Greg Chen and Hailey Marshall.  In collaboration with the art team, my responsibilities include

  • Visually developing and creating concept art of locations and characters with the art team.

  • Generating final assets in photoshop that matched the game's distinct art style.

  • Assisting in animating some of the game's characters, using both traditional and digital pipelines. 

duOS started as a USC Interactive Media & Games MFA project by Thomas Lu and Greg Chen. 

(Promo art by Greg Chen)

Website: here

Below are some photos of my asset work, animations, and character art.


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