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Level Designer | Animator | Artist | Programmer

November 2017 - December 2017

Grotto is an atmospheric puzzle platformer about traversing an oceanic cave in search of ancient treasure. The player uses spells to manipulate elements of ice, fire, and wind to help them navigate through the cave's many obstacles. These spells include ice beams to navigate up waterfalls, fireballs to light their way through dark caves and wind to propel themselves to great heights. 
Grotto was a 6-week project created by a two-person team – myself and Sam Celeste. Between the two of us, we designed, programmed, and created all of the assets for the game.
In collaboration with Sam Celeste, my responsibilities included:
  • Designing levels, programming, sound designing, and deciding the overall direction of the game
  • Using tilesets to design, iterate, and fully realize platforming levels, puzzles, and tutorials.
  • Visually developed and designed the game’s atmospheric, cavernous environment.
  • Animating the game's main character
Additional skills used were creating several Particle effects for game feel, and use of tile palettes / tile map for rapid, quickly iterated level layouts. 
download for free here!
Check out a review of the game on Big Boss Battle here
Featured at USC Games Expo 2018


Below is some of my ideation work for mechanics and character animations / designs.


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