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Co-Lead Designer | USC Advanced Games Project

Februrary 2017 - May 2018

Catastropieces is a 3D puzzle game made in Unity where players are tasked to consider the uses and affordances of objects in order to create absurd, inventive Rube-Goldberg-esque machines.


In a room filled with everyday objects such as books as dominoes, and cups and spoons for catapults, players build incredible chain reactions that create art as zany and odd as the machines themselves.

As Co-Lead designer on the team, my responsibilities included:

  • Conceiving and designed a physics-based system that players to create  dozens of unique solutions to puzzles within our thematic framework.

  • Crafting levels from whiteboarding to Unity that integrate the puzzle system into an environment focused on player ingenuity and creativity.

  • Communicating this complex design vision to a team of 16 to facilitate a cohesive team objective through diagrams, documentation, and frequent meetings. 

  • Working closely with usability to ensure our design goals were being met and scaffolding was adequate.

Download for free on itch here!

Featured in an article by Venture Beat

Featured at USC Games Expo 2018

Featured on front page of, 1,500+ downloads in one month. 

Cover art by Sophie Chu


Click the gallery below to see some of my design diagrams, documentation, and mockups!

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