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Lead Designer | USC Advanced Games Project

Februrary 2018 - June 2019

Plasticity is an in-development USC Advanced Games Project about a young girl who traverses and decides the future of her plastic-ridden world. Our goal is to make players more reflective on the use of plastic in their lives, and to better understand the effects of plastic pollution on the world.  Throughout the game, players are tasked to make decisions that can either help or harm the environment, and their true impacts will only be revealed after a certain point in the game is reached.
As Lead Designer, my job is to lead a team of 2 other designers within a larger team of 30. Our objective is to synthesize ideas that are cohesive with the overall vision of the game.
Additionally my responsibilities include: 
  • Crafting puzzles and interactions that generate player self reflection and reach complex emotional goals.  
  • Creating documentation, powerpoints, and diagrams to effectively communicate design vision to other departments. 
  • Constructing puzzles and level progression within Unity using Probuilder, Timeline, and Engineering tools.
  • Working closely with the usability team to interpret playtest data, and rapidly iterating and ensure emotional and design goals are being met. 
I worked with Aimee Zhang to create the initial pitch prototype for the Advanced Games Project selection process. Together we created the idea and design for the game. I was responsible for programming the prototype, and implementing cinematics using the Unity Timeline. 

Awards & Recognitions

  • Showcased at IndieCade @ E3 (2019)

  • 20k downloads and "Very Positive" rating on Steam.

  • Featured by Forbes and Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

  • Green Engagement Fund Recipient (2019)

  • Intentional Play Summit Official Selection (2018)

  • Jam City "Bazillion Dollar Idea" Award (2019)


Click the gallery below to see some of my diagrams + grayboxes of in-development puzzles.

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