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Hello! My name is Michelle Olson.
I am a current Junior in USC's Interactive Media & Games Division. I love game and level design, visual development, and design leadership. I'm hoping to create colorful, memorable experiences that inspire players in the same way that games have inspired me! 
Aside from games, I love animals and wildlife, painting, and going to cool coffee shops!

Lead Designer


2.5D Cinematic Platformer about a young girl deciding the future of her plastic-ridden world

Catastropieces BW.png

Lead Designer


3D puzzle-sandbox game about building outrageous Rube-Goldberg machines to make even more outrageous art. 




Cozy mobile-fitness game where players clean and restore Stepstone Island through exercise 

On the iOS store now!

Robottery 101 Logo Transparent HI-RES co

Creative Director | Lead Designer | Lead Artist


 Kickstarted set-collection card game about building giant robots to dazzle your professors at the robot science fair!

Grotto Green.png



Atmospheric puzzle-platformer about using elemental powers to explore a deep cave to filled with lost riches.




Puzzle platformer about coordinating your robot buddies through a recording mechanic to  to escape a mysterious factory


Co-Creator | Programmer | Artist


24-Hour Game Jam  co-op competitive party game about little seals who roll around in paint  

Sylvan Song Logo copy.png

Co-Creator | Programmer | Designer


Musical puzzle - exploration game about restoring life to a deadened landscape 

Check out my!


Play some of these games + more!

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