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Hello! My name is Michelle Olson.
I am currently a Mission Designer at Lightspeed LA, working on an unannounced narrative open world game!
I graduated from USC Games in 2020, and have since worked in indie and AAA! 
Previously, I worked as a game designer at Meta, and as the game director of Beasts of Maravilla Island.

Aside from games, I love wildlife, cool coffee shops, my two stinky cats, and anything with magic sparkles ✨ 
Past Projects

Lead Designer


2.5D Cinematic Platformer about a young girl deciding the future of her plastic-ridden world

Robottery 101 Logo Transparent HI-RES co

Creative Director | Lead Designer | Lead Artist


 Kickstarted set-collection card game about building giant robots to dazzle your professors at the robot science fair!

Catastropieces BW.png

Lead Designer


3D puzzle-sandbox game about building outrageous Rube-Goldberg machines to make even more outrageous art. 




Cozy mobile-fitness game where players clean and restore Stepstone Island through exercise 

On the iOS store now!

Grotto Green.png



Atmospheric puzzle-platformer about using elemental powers to explore a deep cave to filled with lost riches.




Puzzle platformer about coordinating your robot buddies through a recording mechanic to  to escape a mysterious factory


Co-Creator | Programmer | Artist


24-Hour Game Jam  co-op competitive party game about little seals who roll around in paint  

Sylvan Song Logo copy.png

Co-Creator | Programmer | Designer


Musical puzzle - exploration game about restoring life to a deadened landscape 

Check out my!


Play some of these games + more!

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